Our Story

Begin at the beginning

In 2004, something happened around our kitchen table; as gifts for friends and family, we began creating soap. Using Marcus’ experience as a chef, we mixed and muddled ingredients to perfect a recipe that is still used in our popular soaps today. Unable to afford expensive soap moulds, we used what we had – cake moulds and baking cases – and in 2006 we created a world of scrumptious soaps.


Soon enough, we needed to move from our little kitchen and spread our wings. Before we knew it, with the help of Warren’s retail experience, we had opened seven stores across Yorkshire. Keeping home close to our hearts has helped our imagination soar and we’re always ready for the next challenge.


Inspired by everything from artisan sweet shops to the travelling circus, we’ve always wanted to construct a truly magical retail experience and create an irresistible and inviting space that everyone can enjoy and allow their imaginations to roam free.

We hope you like what we have to offer.
Marcus & Warren

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