Botanical Soap Bars - Body - Uplifting

Nourish your skin with our most gentle soap bars made with fresh botanicals. Unlock the soothing power of the earth with each handmade botanical blend, fragranced with holistic natural ingredients.

Soap bars to nourish your skin! Made with natural botanicals.

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Soap bars to nourish your skin! Made with natural botanicals.

This selection of handmade botanical soap bars combines the finest of natural ingredients to produce the most luxurious range of fruity and floral scents - allowing the natural properties to work gently on your skin.

Available in both gift boxes and individual bars, there’s a wide range of fragrance types to suit everyone - and there’s even some bars with specific exfoliating properties (such as Almond & Walnut) to help you deal with the nightmare of dead skin.

Not only do these fresh soap bars smell amazing, but their colourful yet classic appearance is becoming increasingly popular too! Each soap bar is individually stamped with our unique logo and simply perfect to pop by your sink! And the best part is; they smell beautiful lather after lather!

These botanical soap bars are available in all of our beautiful stores and online. Do not miss out - try them today!