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Release the soothing tranquillity of nature within your home with our sumptuous reed diffusers, offering consistently beautiful fragrance for over three months.

Infuse your space with wonderful home fragrance from Yorkshire!

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Infuse your space with wonderful home fragrance from Yorkshire!

Each of our reed diffusers will provide approximately 12 weeks of fragrance from full to empty. These wonderful diffusers have been designed to provide a fantastic fragrance throughout your home. The perfect gift for a new home or Birthday for a loved one!
Enjoy them in a wide variety of scents from our Home Scent collection from fruity to soothing.

Helpful tip: to get the most out of your reed diffuser, we’d always recommend that the reeds should be rotated on a regular basis to ensure optimum levels of fragrance. Why not keep your favourite fragrance going for longer with our reed diffuser refills.

Please note that the longevity of each full diffuser may vary based on environment conditions such as heat, humidity and sunlight. We advise keeping your diffuser in a low traffic area to reduce evaporation.

Happy pampering x