Updated on 15th June 2020
Potential risk: Spread of COVID-19

Who may it affect?

Colleagues, customers, contractors, delivery drivers, vulnerable groups including elderly customers, pregnant colleagues and those with underlying health conditions. Anyone else who comes into contact with The Yorkshire Soap Company.
We are doing everything we can to ensure government guidelines are followed and our team members, customers and service providers are safe when working or entering our retail stores. FULL risk assessments are available to view in store and if you require a copy please feel free to email us at stating which store you would like to view, as each store has its own specific risk assessment created.
Here are the some of the main areas covered within each risk assessment.

Rules of entry

Customers will be informed and requested to follow the rules of entry. Signage is presented at the entrance ways to all of our stores.
Please do not enter if you or your household are showing symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.
Please ask family members/friends to wait outside to limit numbers in our stores.
Please only enter our stores if your intending to shop with us.

When entering the store:

Please sanitise your hands upon entry.
Please wear a face covering (if you have one).
Please avoid picking things up that you don’t intend to buy.
Please follow the 2-meter floor markers and keep at least 2 meters apart, wherever possible, from our team members and fellow shoppers.
Please pay by card at the till points, no cash will be taken.

Hand washing & sanitising facilities provided

Hand sanitising stations will be provided throughout all our fabulous stores. Clear signage will be displayed to remind our customers and team members to wash or sanitise their hands on a regular basis. Team members washing hands should be done with soap and water and disposable paper towels should be used to dry hands. Store Managers will ensure that all team members follow the correct hand washing and sanitising procedures with the support of the company HQ team.

Enhanced cleaning

We have implemented new cleaning products that are anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Regular touch points will be frequently cleaned and disinfected. These areas include: door handles, light switches, push plates, cash desk, display surfaces, table tops and protective screens. Where possible, if it will not compromise internal security or fire safety, doors will remain open to avoid unnecessary touch points. Team members have been supplied with disposable gloves for use while cleaning and emptying bins. Napkins are provided if customers need to pick up and smell any products in our store. Trays and baskets will be sanitised by our team after every use. Testers and scent pots will be sanitised after every customer. Thorough and regular cleaning routines will be managed by our management team hourly.

Social Distancing Guidance

Additional measures have been put in place to help our teams and customers follow the 2m social distancing guidance and rules. This includes; Floor markers and one way systems, stop before entry rules at the entrance ways, additional safety signage throughout the back of house areas and shop floor retail areas, adjusting store opening times, reducing the number of people in any work area at any one time, we have installed cough screens at every till point and supplied all team members with face coverings and full face visors as part of the company uniform. We will continue to stay up-to-date with the latest government advice on the provision of personal protective equipment, distancing rules and all other areas of safe working practices.

If any team members are unwell or have symptoms

Following government guidance, colleagues who become unwell or show COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home to self-isolate. If a colleague has tested positive for COVID-19, the store will close for a deep clean. Once the store has been safely deep cleaned team members will be able to return to work as long as they are not showing symptoms. A return to work risk assessment will be completed by Store Managers or another suitable line manager. We will help support our teams by staying in close contact and providing regular updates on the latest government guidance.

Team member welfare

We provide free counselling to offer mental health support to any team member affected by COVID-19. We also share regular email updates with our teams as well as regular zoom meetings with our managers to make sure they are aware of the support available through our partnership with BrightHR and Peninsula HR.

Customer welfare

We take COVID-19 very seriously in all our stores and throughout our company practices, if you feel that you have not been taken care of or that our team members have not followed the instructions and rules set above; please email us at

Please also email us if you have any questions relating to COVID-19 or would like further information.

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding.

Warren, Marcus and the Yorkshire Soap Company family.