The Yorkshire Soap Guide to Unusual Wedding Cakes

We love the pageantry, spectacle and romance of a grand wedding. There’s something universal about the joy of celebrating such a special event in the company of close friends, family and alcohol.

Weddings, some people will tell you, are all about tradition. The suits, the dresses, the tearful parents and the dancefloor classic at the night do; weddings can sometimes feel too preordained and conventional... almost boring.

Here at The Yorkshire Soap Company, we don’t like doing things the traditional way.

That’s why we’ve collected some great examples of unconventional wedding cakes that will give your special day some originality and fun.


Unforgettable Soap Wedding Cakes

Instead of a predictable, traditional wedding cake – why not surprise your guests with an unconventional three, four or five tiered ‘cake’ made from natural, handmade soap? Slice this unusual treat into beautifully fragranced wedges and pass them onto your guests for a wedding favour that will leave their skin feeling elegant, soft and thoroughly cleansed.

Each cake is made to your exact specifications, fragranced with vibrant, aromatic natural ingredients and adorned with a sophisticated set of decorations to make a centerpiece that’s sure to turn heads. Find out more.


Cake Pops

A quaint idea that’s sure to put a smile on your guests’ face – why not do away with the cake altogether and replace it with a tiered selection of cake pops? Easy to eat without the need for a cumbersome plate or fork, cake pops are a quirky way to provide a delicious party favour. No one likes boring fruit cake anyway.


Pork Pie Wedding Cake. Yep, You Read That Right

A wedding cake made from pork pie. Sometimes there’s a sentence that seems made up. A smattering of randomly chosen words that simply cannot be true. Pork. Pie. Wedding. Cake. Luckily, this isn’t one of those times. You can actually get a three tiered pork pie ‘celebration’ cake, implying that there’s a chance you’d ever order this monolithic meat and pastry construction for a normal Tuesday lunchtime.


Cute Cupcake Wedding Cake

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? We’re such big fans we created our own soapy version, but we’re just as partial to a real, edible, rich, creamy cupcake. Combine your wedding cake and party favours into one elegant package with this mouth-watering, towering monument of indulgently sweet icing. Shop our most popular soap cupcakes.


Cheese Wedding Cake

Do they make crackers big enough to tackle this? A wedding ‘cake’ that will make a cheese fan weak-at-the-knees, this savoury construction is crafted from bold, artisan cheeses and looks stunning. A homage to fromage for those people who want something a little different. The cake can even be served after the meal to create one hell of a cheese board!

Aside from wedding cakes (or wedding pies), wedding favours are always a nice way of letting your guests know how grateful you are for their attendance.


Amazing Soap Wedding Favours

Give your wedding guests something really special by ordering some handmade soap treats by The Yorkshire Soap Company. Our naturally fragranced soaps are available for as little as £2 each, so get in touch to talk about our soap wedding cakes and party favours if you fancy adding some extra sparkle to proceedings.


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