The Yorkshire Soap Family

Our family of woodland creatures capture the spirit behind The Yorkshire Soap Company. We love animals and the natural world, that’s why we chose natural extracts for our products and why we never, ever test on animals.

Get to know our adorable cast of characters!


Harriet the Hedgehog

The matriarch of our woodland family, Harriet is small in stature but big in personality. She’s more at home in her gleaming, organised kitchen than in the muddy undergrowth of a country garden. She loves brewing up cupcakes and elegant cakes using beautiful woodland ingredients and skin friendly moisturising oils. She’s full of prickles, so she’s passionate about being as kind to hands and skin as possible to make up for it.

Favourite Products

Harriet loves to create wonderful environments to relax in. That’s why she’s a big fan of our diffusers, especially the luxurious French Vanilla and White Chocolate Reed Diffuser .


Barbara the Bunny

Full of youthful exuberance, Barbara is an energetic rabbit who loves to explore far and wide in the spring and summertime. A big part of her adventures concern finding and foraging natural flowers, vegetables and fruits for use in soaps and bath foams.

She’s a big fan of creating fragrances that are vibrant and as full of life as she is, so favours the citrus blends like lemon fizz, seville orange and the brilliant blend of lime, basil and orange.

She’s fluffy, but fiercely passionate about her creations and loves to see them enjoyed.

Favourite Products

Barbara loves the natural zing and zest of the Lemon Mouse Soap Bar, and also because it’s delicate, fun and frivolous. Barbara also loves the Apple Blossom Bath Truffle because it’s teeny tiny but full of power and strength, like herself.


Francis the Fox

Francis the fox is a vixen who knows what she wants. After getting tired of the smog and noise of the inner city, she retreated into the lush, mysterious woods to live like a queen.

She’s used to surrounding herself with the finest natural fragrances and adorning herself with the finest jewellery and accessories. Wordly wise, Francis offers advice to the other members of the woodland family on fashion, friendship and the best times to raid a wheelie bin.

Favourite Products

Francis is all about glamour and sophistication. That’s why she chose our exquisite Cashmere and Cocoa Tin Candle.

Bill the Badger

Bill loves rich, woody aromas that remind him of afternoons spent snoozing in his resplendent study.

The patriarch of our woodland family, Bill is happiest when he’s sauntering through the trees, jotting down the names and making sketches of the vegetables and plants he discovers. Bill has a curious mind, spending his free time making magnificent blends of the natural aromas he discovers.

Favourite Products

Bill is a huge fan of one of our most popular blends, the Yorkshire Lad, a masculine, powerful and charming scent made using bergamot, oud wood and lemon.

Bill also enjoys our Library Soap Bar – the wholesome aroma reminds him of sinking into his leather throne and getting lost in a good book.

Beatrice the Beaver

Timid and retiring, Beatrice likes nothing more than to get cosy after a relaxing dip in a nearby lake. She may not be lively as the other woodland creatures, but she’s a strong, dependable character who’ll always offer comfort and advice in times of need.

Beatrice adores bubbles, foam and splashing around, so she’s always got a sprinkle of bath salts or a splash of bath foam in her dainty handbag.

Favourite Products

Beatrice adores bathing in the cool water of the lake, so her favourite products are soaps that capture the refreshing spirit of the sea, like our Seashore Glycerine Soap Bar.


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