Baking Trays to Bubbles: The Story of Yorkshire Soap

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Warren and Marcus’ adventures through the scrumptious world of smells and soaps has resulted in the success that The Yorkshire Soap Company is today. Alongside their inexhaustible knowledge building, idea founding, and scent-driven potion making, they’ve concocted high street havens across Yorkshire which are just as engaging as their aesthetic products! Warren, infatuated by the idea of creating soapy products which give pleasure to both smell and sight, will guide you through the mystical journey he embarked on.

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Perfect Partners

In 2004, I grew curious about making soap. My hobby was confined to my kitchen initially, but I was captivated by the possibilities of form, fragrance and function. I experimented for a long time, producing my own spin on what was already out there. The baking equipment at my disposal formed the basis of our soap cupcakes, an idea that was almost unheard of at the time! My creations provided a handy way of providing gorgeous gifts for friends and family – who loved them so much, they encouraged me to sell them to the public.

I did just that. Before long, demand was so high that I needed a hand, a partner to help me on this journey. That’s when the fabulously talented Marcus joined up with me.

As an experienced chef, Marcus shared my love for the theatrical and spectacular, so even from the start we did things a little differently. In our joint experimentation with fragrances and ingredients we created the first official Yorkshire Soap Company bar –  the Yorkshire Rose Artisan Soap bar made using real rose petals. This slice of history is still available in store and online - even today.

We were both incredibly passionate about customer service, so the next logical step was to open a store of our own.


A Pair Of Hebden Hippies

Through a stroke of luck, Marcus’s family had a location in Hebden Bridge they were looking to sell, so we grabbed hold of this opportunity with both hands.

When we opened we had just four styles of soap, but an original vision for the shopping experience we wanted to create. Featuring bubbles floating out of the door, butterflies on the walls, fresh flowers and bath melts served from behind a vintage counter, we started to develop the pageantry and spectacle that would become the benchmark of The Yorkshire Soap Company.

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Start Spreading The News.. (We Open TWO Stores In York)

The popularity of our Hebden store gave us the confidence to open another location. York is a place we’ve always had an immense fondness for. The history of the city is as captivating and inviting as the tons of chocolate that have been created there over the centuries!

With this new location we were able to further diversify our product range, including the creation of a beautiful and unique soap wedding cake. Dressing the first two stores with weird and wonderful creations gave us the idea to curate and sell our own range of amazing art pieces, home decorations and gifts. A year later, The Imaginarium was born!

We let our imaginations run wild in The Imaginarium, creating a wonderland of spectacle and drama, and stocking it full of our favourite homewares, decorative items, jewellery and much more.


The Yorkshire Soap Company arrives in Leeds

Finally, we set our sights on the bright lights of Leeds, with a fourth location opening in this exciting metropolis in 2014.


Our Website Launches

Our website (you know, the one you’re reading right now), launched in 2015. We put the same amount of love and attention into this online creation as we do our soapy creations and stores, and we’re infinitely happy that anyone in the UK can now buy the luxurious, unique soaps that we adore.


Got any questions about the above? We'll happily tell you more. Simply contact us, or if you'd prefer, tweet us @yorkshiresoap.


Warren and Marcus x


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