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Ideas for Mother's Day

Let’s face it, our mum’s are amazing; they’ve been around for us since our very first venture into the big wide world and have been mopping our tears, lending their support and looking after us ever since. But while Mother’s Day may feel like just another modern-day commercial venture, it’s actually rooted in hundreds of years of tradition – and what a heart-warming and well-deserved tradition it is too.


A brief history of Mother's Day

It may surprise you to know that we’ve been celebrating Mother’s Day in the UK for more than 400 years – but the first ever recorded celebration of its type dates back to the ancient Greeks, and their spring festival held in honour of Rhea, mother of the Olympian deities. Similarly, the ancient Romans also got into the celebratory swing, dedicating their own efforts to the Magna Mater, or Great Mother. 

Our own great mothers started to receive recognition for their many wonderful qualities in the 1600s, as an expansion of the Christian Mothering Sunday festival, originally designed to pay homage to the Virgin Mary. Held on the fourth Sunday of Lent, as it still is today, children gave gifts of flowers and a ‘simnel cake’ to their mothers – and servant children were encouraged to take the day off and pay a visit home.


Our top 5 ideas for Mother's day treats

1) Breakfast in bed – what better gift can you give to the woman who’d probably cooked you over 5000 meals by the time you were 18 than a lie in, followed by a breakfast she hasn’t had to cook?! If you’re kitchen-savvy, go for a full cooked breakfast and put a flower on the tray as an extra little touch – but tea and toast will be just as appreciated.

2) Bake a traditional simnel cake – there are plenty of recipes online, or you could opt for a modern take on the cake, and gift her with a slice of our Lemon Fizz Soap Cake slice, or a Scrub-a-Dub Botanical Soap Bar Gift Box, which includes the seminal simnel ingredient of almond.

3) A relaxing bath – a great idea for Mother’s Day is to indulge your mum (biological, foster, step, or honorary) in some luxurious pampering. Fill the bath to the brim, stick on her favourite CD (even if you hate it!), pop our ‘Mum’ soap cupcake or a Mother’s Day gift box on the side, and let her relax without disruption for as long as she desires.

4) Take her shopping – mums are always taking care of everyone else’s needs, so it’s nice to turn the tables on Mother’s Day. Accompany her into town and let her choose her own gift, and you could even call into a Yorkshire Soap Company shop if you’re near Leeds, Hebden Bridge or York. Alternatively you can pop into The Imaginarium (also in York) for a truly unique shopping experience.

5) Fine dining – with breakfast, bath, cake, shopping and soapy treats covered, the only way to round off the day is with a magical meal in a fancy restaurant. Let her dress up and enjoy a night out with the lovely kid(s) she’s raised to be so thoughtful!


Of course there are plenty of great ideas for Mother’s Day treats, and what you decide to do will depend on budget, distance, time and what would make your mum feel most special – but we think our list provides a comprehensively perfect Mother’s Day experience for anyone who wants to make a day to remember.

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