Supporting A Great Cause: The Swallows

At The Yorkshire Soap Company we recognise the importance of giving back to our communities, and choose to do so through charities working towards good causes. Today we would like to take some time and share a little bit of information about the charity we are supporting and helping with fundraising at this moment in time, The Swallows.

As a business, we receive numerous requests each week asking if The Yorkshire Soap Company would like to support and donate to various charities and fundraising programs around Yorkshire and the UK. At first, we were continually offering small raffle prizes and donations to lots of different charities however, over time, we felt that we would make a greater and more positive impact donating to one chosen charity throughout the year; supporting them in their fundraising efforts and really making a significant difference to that charity, its supporters, and those it helps.

This year, we’ve chosen to donate to a special charity called The Swallows Head & Neck Cancer Support Group. The group is based in Blackpool, and was founded to help provide information for both patients and their carers. It was formed by like-minded cancer patients to help and support fellow sufferers and the people who care for them. They raise awareness on both local and national levels, and fundraise for items to help doctors, patients, and caregivers. They also provide links to groups in different areas across the UK, as well as recommending trusted websites for people to review at home.


Why have we chosen this charity to support?

This amazing, independent charity was set up by friends of ours, and also has a place close to our hearts, with family connections. The main goals of The Swallows Head & Neck Cancer Support Group are to help each other, and anyone else who is affected, directly or indirectly, by these types of cancer. They provide one-to-one and group support, and advice on locating reliable literature, information and locally available resources.


How do we help?

At Yorkshire Soap, we are helping by providing raffle prizes and gifts for the charity throughout the year. These donations help the charity to fundraise for various items and services, especially important for those that rely on them. Our donations are helping The Swallows to reach their 2016 Challenge of raising £78,000 for the purchase of a Lumenis Acupulse DUO Co2 Laser System, which will help surgeons work on the smallest tumors. Examples of our fundraising events are shown in the images below:

How can you help The Swallows?

There are many ways that you can get involved to help and support The Swallows charity in their fundraising efforts. We've listed 7 easy ways here:

1) Buy one of their charity ribbons for £1.00
2) Donate clothes, furniture, and unwanted items to their amazing charity shop in Blackpool.
3) Donate direct to the group via their JustGiving Page
4) Help with fundraising events
5) Become a volunteer
6) Run the 10k, Run a Marathon, Shave your head or any idea that your friends and family will sponsor you for!
7) Donate raffle prizes, as we do…

To find more information or contact details for The Swallows - Head and Neck Cancer Support Group, feel free to visit their website or Facebook page.

Thank you so much for reading, 

Warren & Marcus x



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