Q&A with our York Store Manager


Since 2012, we have had the absolute pleasure to be a part of the beautiful, historic city that is York. We’ve always been fond of York but, as soon as we opened our store on Blake Street, we found ourselves falling in love with the place more than we could have ever thought (which is exactly why we opened The Imaginarium next door, less than 12 months later!). Regularly voted as one of the best places to visit in the UK, we could not be more proud of this beautiful city!

With this in mind, and as suggested by our wonderful customers, we took a moment to sit down with our wonderful York store manager, Louise, to have a chat with a good old Yorkshire brew and a bit of cake (the edible kind, of course!). 

Here's what Louise had to say in answer to our most frequently asked questions regarding our flagship store...

Q: Working at The Yorkshire Soap Company must have many perks - you'll leave work smelling great and we can see how much fun you have each day. What is your favourite thing about being a Store Manager in York?

A: Seeing people's reactions when they walk in our store is absolutely the best part of my job! Especially if it's the first time they've ever been in, it creates such a fun and magical atmosphere! I’ve also been lucky enough to visit the Soap Kitchen in York, on several occasions, so it’s great to see how everything is made and being able to appreciate that with the customers is brilliant.



Q: We know this is a hard question, but if you had to pick, which is your favourite product and why?

A: There are so many! But if I really had to pick, I would have to choose the wonderful range of Glycerine Soap Bars! Specifically Inca Gold and Vanilla Frosting which are so sweet, I just can’t get enough of them. Seashore is just as charming though, with its beautifully refreshing scent! There are so many fabulous fragrances, I could pick a new favourite every week.


Q: What is the most popular product in the York shop at the moment?

A: This is easy! Our new Unicorn Tears range! Especially the Soap Cupcakes! The bubblegum scent is so different from anything we've made before - so customers both old and new have just fallen in love with it! The Fish in a Bag soap is always a good conversation starter too.


Q: In all of the YSC stores there are quite a few quirky features and decorations. Which part of the York store do think is the best?

A: I love the York store for all of its weird and wonderful characteristics, but the part I am most fond of has to be the back of our shop. It’s the part of the shop where we display our stunning Home Scents range and Glycerine Soaps. As soon as you walk in there, you instantly feel at home because it is just so beautiful and invitingly cosy! I always think it's such an interesting little room tucked away in the back - then when Christmas comes round, it's even more magical!

York Glycerine

If you have your own question for Louise or any of our YSC team - please let us know by filling in our contact form or popping into one of our beautiful shops.

Happy shopping! x


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