Q&A with Sharron, our Beverley Team Member

Our beautiful Beverley store was opened in August 2016, and we have already made so many fantastic memories and met some wonderful customers! Our fabulous team work incredibly hard, and we are so proud of each one of them for making our store such a happy, ‘bubbly’ place to be!

We always love catching up with our store teams, so we had a good old cuppa and natter with our wonderful Beverley team member, Sharron!



Q. Beverley is a place of wonder, and we love this town so much - what is your favourite thing about Beverley?

A. What I love about Beverley is the cosmopolitan feel we get. We have had visitors from Germany, China, France and America, which means our soapy little treats are all over the world!


Q. Sharron; you are surrounded by our fabulous products every day - but what Yorkshire Soap treats do you regularly use and why?

A. For me it’s our blend range! I use our shower gel & body lotion in the No.3 Night Night Sweetheart scent; it’s my go to scent and I use this every day! I think the Pomegranate; Japanese Plum & Pear scent is amazing. I just wish my whole house could smell of it!


Q. Our stores are definitely a fantastic experience, and our customers make our time at Yorkshire Soap extra special! Did you have a favourite moment in 2017 that made you smile?

A. We have so many amazing customers; both regulars and new to the Yorkshire Soap Company. At Christmas it was lovely to receive cards and presents from our customers, thanking us all for the customer service they had received!


Q. What is your ultimate favourite Yorkshire Soap product and why?

A.  It has to be our handmade bath truffles. Made using sweet almond oil and cocoa butter, these are amazing little treats full of moisturiser! I suffer with psoriasis and personally, these are just perfect for my skin, as they leave my skin feeling soft and smelling fabulous. However, we always encourage our customers to perform a patch test on any of our products, as everyone’s skin is different!


Q. What is your favourite time of year at The Yorkshire Soap Company?

A.  It has to be Christmas; I love the music and the atmosphere. Our shop window always looks fantastic and of course, so do all of the beautiful seasonal products!


Beverley Window




It was fantastic to get a little insight into what Sharron loves about The Yorkshire Soap Company - thank you so much Sharron for taking the time to chat with us!

If you would like to visit our gorgeous Beverley store, you can find all the details here.


Happy Shopping!

Warren & Marcus x


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