Top Five Soaps Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Skin can sometimes be troublesome, irritating and unpredictable – but regardless, we love it. That’s why we developed a huge range of different soaps and bath products to suit any skin type.

When we were creating The Yorkshire Soap Company, we knew that at times our skin could often be problematic. Many high end soaps or washes would be a nightmare as their synthetic ingredients and perfumes made our already dicey skin situation worse.

Itchiness, redness and discomfort followed every shower, so from the start, we only made soap that would be kind to ALL skin types. So if your skin can sometimes be awkward, treat yourself to these hand-picked selections that will leave you feeling soft, nourished and full of life.


Go Nuts With Gentle Exfoliation

This handmade Exfoliating Almond & Walnut Soap Bar is the perfect choice for giving your body a deep, satisfying cleanse while being kind to sensitive skin. Use it everyday to buff your skin to a perfect shimmer and leave it full of calming moisture. Please don’t use this if you have a nut allergy (sorry!).


Easy Does It With Pure Hemp Oil

This Pure Hemp Deli Soap Bar is made specifically for people with extra sensitive skin. It’s only lightly fragranced with natural extracts of Hemp oil and is packed with moisturising oils for gentle but powerful nourishment. This soap is suitable for use on the face and body, making it an ideal choice for all-round use in the shower when your skin decides to be extra delicate.


Relax Your Skin And Your Senses

Unleash a burst of calming natural fragrance and give your bath water moisturising power with this Relaxing Bath Bomb. Hand pressed bath bombs are a mellow way of giving your troublesome skin a well deserved boost. Drift off and let the nourishing power and natural fragrances relax your mind and cleanse your body. Sounds nice, right? Go on, treat yourself.


Minty Fresh

Sprinkle a liberal handful of our Peppermint Cream Bath Salt into your warm bath water and take your senses on a trip to the charming sweet shops of old. Each container is made with salt taken from the dead sea, enriched with detoxifying nourishment to reinvigorate delicate skin. Salt has been used to cleanse and purify skin for centuries, so be part of an ancient tradition and leave your skin as calm and serene as a tropical ocean.


A Fruity And Thoughtful Gift

Show the one you love that you care about their skin with this fruitastic (is that a word? Let’s say yes) collection of botanical soaps made specially for sensitive skin. This lovingly decorated gift box contains four bars of handmade soap packed full of moisturising goodness, including Lavender & Crushed Mint, Tea Tree & Eucalyptus Leaf, Orange, Carrot & Calendula and Lemongrass, Rosemary, Grapefruit and Calendula.

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