A guide to a luxurious results day!

Up and down the country, people are anxiously waiting for one life-changing day to arrive... results day! For the slightly older folks reading this, no matter how long ago your results were, you'll most certainly remember that day - and where you were, and what you did. It will stick in your mind forever!

For a lot of people, the most nerve-wrenching part of it is receiving those eagerly awaited results. In a strange way, you don’t want to know; but somehow, you can’t wait to tear open that envelope! Many people will have received their A-Level results this week, while school leavers will wait a week longer for their GCSE results. Whatever the case, if you’ve been taking exams yourself, or helping a loved one out with revision - we personally want to say well done to all of you! Exams and stress tend to go hand-in-hand, so it’s about time you relaxed. We have the perfect soapy solution to help you de-stress this results day…

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Calm those nerves!

With over 12 years of soap-making experience, when it comes to relaxation, we’d like to say that we’d pass with flying colours. So with results day looming, we'd recommend our signature No.4 Relaxing Blend Range, made with English Lavender and pure essential oils; making it great for sensitive and tired skin. Lavender is proven to help reduce anxiety and stress, and also improves sleep (a no-brainer then!). In particular, our No.4 Bath Salts and Bath Foam are the perfect duo for a well deserved, long soak. This duo is available to buy as single items or, for even better value, can be found in our beautiful Floral Bath Pamper Hamper (amongst many other items).

Kickstart the day!

When results day does finally arrive, you may feel a mixture of emotions. If you’re feeling scared or anxious, then that's perfectly normal - finding out results is a very scary process! The ideal way to shake off some of those nerves is with a morning shower that packs a punch. Our No.2 Peppermint Cream Shower Gel is made with the fresh and zingy tones of mint - giving you an awakening and refreshing shower. Our No.6 Invigorating Shower Gel works in a very similar way by giving you an exhilarating wake up call with the essences of lemongrass, grapefruit and rosemary. Although vastly different from each other, both of these beautiful scents are charming and reviving and are bound to help you feel energised and confident! So don’t worry - we have you covered!


Gifts to celebrate!

If you’re not waiting for your results this year and have a friend or family member awaiting theirs, then why not give them a well deserved gift for all of their hard work? All of us here at The Yorkshire Soap Company love gift-giving, and we aim to create the perfect gifts for any occasion! Our Gift Hampers (available exclusively here online) are a brilliant way of saying well done to your loved ones while making a significant saving. Made up of all our best-selling products, each hamper has been specifically designed and lovingly put together to create a gift of luxury. The easy choice is our Congratulations Hamper (perfect for any occasion that deserves congratulating!), however our signature Yorkshire Lad or Yorkshire Lass gift hampers are the ideal gift for someone who has worked extra hard for their results! Packed full to the brim of soapy treats for that special someone, and at a really affordable price! You even get to keep a beautiful wicker basket to be used for picnics in the sunshine over the summer holidays! The perfect way to celebrate those fantastic results.


If you are still stuck for what to buy, then please take a read of our Congratulations blog for more gift ideas! The list of possibilities continues...

Finally, we would like to wish all of our wonderful customers the best of luck with their results over the next couple of weeks. Do yourselves proud!


Good luck, and all the best for the future!

Warren & Marcus (owners) x


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