Beautiful New Wrapped Soap Bars


Last year, in a nearby town of Beverley, a mysterious creature was spotted by a number of people. Lurking in the woods and running on all four limbs, the creature could only be described as a Werewolf. The hairy beast with red eyes and bad breath made a name for itself within the town, as the "Old Stinker". As it turned out, however, this was not a Werewolf... it was Warren after a busy weekend! With this in mind, the people of Beverley and surrounding areas can worry no more... we have created a toning and healing bar of soap designed to resolve this very issue!

The “Old Stinker” is born...
This smart, neatly wrapped soap bar comes with superb skin benefits designed to tackle the angriest of skin. The amazing creamy bar has been delicately packed with natural seaweed and sea kelp which have wonderful toning and healing properties. For just £6, this brilliant bar of soap is enough to tame the most damaged skin. Its earthy and antiseptic properties make the bar more about its healing properties than its fragrance. Designed to soothe and heal skin, the Old Stinker will rid the rumours of the Werewolf, and leave the teenage boy feeling human again.

As you already know, Yorkshire is a wonder in itself. So much so, this incredible county has often been named as "God’s Own Country" and rightly so. With its astonishing beauty and magnificent countryside, it is quite hard to argue with such statements. As Yorkshire folk ourselves, we therefore had to dedicate one of our fantastic new soap bars to such a wonder.

God’s Own Country” is born...
This is a bar of soap no one can refuse. Beneath its beautifully designed packaging, is an amazing garden of the Yorkshire Roses; with generous lashings of chocolate, hazelnut and cream cocoa. These rich and beautiful qualities make “God’s Own Country” a soap bar appropriate for even the most luxurious of bathrooms. Worshipping your skin with these sweet, floral and velvety tones will instantly bring Yorkshire to the forefront of the mind; no matter where you are! Bring a piece of Yorkshire home with you today with “God’s Own Country”, available online and in all of our beautiful shops!


Enjoy, indulge, but please do not eat!
Marcus x

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