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Whitby Bay, Cassis and White Cedar, Mandarella Reed Diffusers

Smell is a powerful and evocative thing – and something we know a lot about, due to being almost constantly immersed in the exploration of new fragrances for our home scents, bath products and luxury soap ranges!

With that in mind, we’ve recently been revisiting some of our products to ensure that we’re catering for all noses! This week our attention turns to the glorious reed diffusers and refills, and array of scented candles available in our Home Scents range...


So what’s new with our scented candles and reed diffusers?

We’re very happy to tell you that our Home Scents range now includes even more deliriously delicious aromas, helping you to create the perfect atmosphere and personalise your space to your taste.

Joining firm-favourites such as 'Jasmine Blossom', 'Yorkshire Rose' and 'Cashmere and Cocoa', all of our Home Scents reed diffusers and glass, tin and travel candles now come in these 3 new wildly varied and exceptionally appealing new fragrances:

NEW: Cassis & White Cedar – a woody fragrance made from a blend of rich, ripe cassis fruit, spicy cedar notes and a hint of blackberry brambles, its ideal for earthy environments and a sense of calm relaxation. Sits well with a glass of wine on the sofa after a hard day!

NEW: Whitby Bay – a floral fragrance inspired by grassy cliff tops and seaside gardens, those looking to infuse their homes with a fresh, fruity and sweet smell will love this! Heather, thyme, rosemary and bergamot oils along with coastal and green moss notes let you ebb into an uplifting tide of olfactory opulence. A great way to welcome guests. 

CLASSIC: Mandarella – we personally review and consider all feedback we receive at the Yorkshire Soap Company, and as a result, we’re welcoming our No 7 signature scent from our Blend range into our home scents family. Fruity and sweet, but with a little zest and spice, this heady concoction will fill your home with positive vibes and a sense of sunny skies – a great fragrance for spring days and long summer nights. 

Interested and want to know more? Take a further look by clicking on one of the following links: 

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Our new Home Scents are available NOW!

A beautiful smelling house means a well loved home, so why not grab yourself one of these fab new fragrances – all of them are available both online and in-store, so please feel free to sniff and explore!


Thanks for reading, 
Warren & Marcus x

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