All of us here at The Yorkshire Soap Company know just how important it is to look after your hands - especially once we have finished handcrafting our beautiful soapy products. And so, we wanted to create something extra special that ensured our hands got the nourishing treatment they so lovingly deserve.

Naturally Yorkshire is our luxurious range of natural hand creams and hand washes, handmade with lots of natural and nourishing ingredients and essential oil blends, right here in Yorkshire. Each product has been carefully selected and created with our lovely customers in mind, and we really do hope you love this range as much as we do! With six different scents to choose from, we thought you might like a little more information so that you can find the perfect hand care products for you.



 Our Naturally Yorkshire Collection

This incredible new range is not only wonderfully nourishing for your skin, but is completely natural! Here are some quick facts about our Naturally Yorkshire Collection:

Never tested on animals
Handmade in Yorkshire
Contain natural ingredients, oils, butters and pure essential oils
Paraben Free
Vegetarian friendly
Suitable for all sensitive skin types

These values are so important to us as a company, and we are so proud to have this beautiful hand care range that is gentle on skin and also good for the environment!



Rose & Honeysuckle

Of course, the Yorkshire Rose has been a huge part of our heritage for centuries, and we are so proud of our county - we just couldn’t create a hand care range without the beautiful floral aroma of the rose. Combined with the sweet scent of honeysuckle, we feel that this blend of botanical fragrances is perfect for those with a sweeter side; the honeysuckle and rose combination smells like chocolate covered turkish delight - although deliciously scented, please do not be tempted to eat!


Lavender Fields

There is nothing quite like the relaxing fragrance of pure and fresh lavender to soothe tired hands. Infused with hints of marigold, this classic scent is the perfect remedy after a long day’s work and will soon become a part of your daily hand care routine. This stunning scent will leave your skin feeling stress free and pampered...


Citrus & Amber

A carefully selected blend of natural ingredients have been combined to create a powerful and punchy fragrance. Deep, earthy tones of amber and white nettle extracts create a beautifully woody aroma, uplifted by subtle notes of juicy citrus fruits.


Bluebells in the Wood

As reminiscent as a walk through the spring woodland filled with the delicate aroma of fresh bluebells, these wonderful hand care products have been truly influenced by the beautiful nature that surrounds us. This delightful fragrance is one that will certainly be enjoyed, packed full (as all of them are) with shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil and honey…


Green Tea & Honey

Made with rejuvenating green tea extract and rich Mel honey, this wonderful scent is the perfect way to feel awakened. With a slightly earthy undertone and a hint of fresh green tea and honey, this refreshing and detoxifying fragrance is the perfect addition to your hand care regime, using the purest of essential oils and skin care ingredients.


Jasmine & Patchouli

Jasmine is known to release it’s beautiful fragrance once the sun has set, so this wonderfully light hand cream will remind you of a summer’s night as the moon begins to reveal itself. Enriched with the powerful and heady aroma of the patchouli flower, this scent is a floral wonder.




You may already know exactly which fragrance is the one for you - you may decide to go with an all time favourite, or perhaps, dare to try something different! Whichever scent you choose, it is also important to know which hand care products to use. Our personal suggestion is to use a combination of both hand wash and hand cream, for the ultimate moisture boost! However, we thought we would spill the beans on how each product can benefit your skin.

Our beautiful hand washes aren’t just a beautiful addition to your bathroom sink; but are packed full of gorgeous natural ingredients such as mel honey, plant extracts, pure essential oils and lots of vitamin E. Each ingredient in our hand washes has been added to enrich, fragrance and boost the cleansing and moisturising properties, to leave hands feeling free of impurities and truly nourished.

The Naturally Yorkshire hand cream selection has also been carefully handmade using cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E; all of which are guaranteed to soften hands and leave your skin smelling fresh and fragrant. These wonderful tubes are the perfect addition to your bag, and also arrive in a luxury gift box; so make the perfect gift!



 We can’t wait for you all to try this wonderful range - we have put so much work into these beautiful products, and certainly think it’s time for all of you fabulous customers to get your ‘hands’ on some!

If you would like to try our Naturally Yorkshire products, please do visit one of our amazing stores, and a member of our team will be happy to help and advise you!

Alternatively, the whole range is available to purchase online and have delivered straight to your door!

Happy shopping and happy hands!

Warren & Marcus x






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