Our Top 5 Modern Wedding Trends

Wedding Bench - Top 5 Wedding Trends

This wedding season has seen the introduction of some brand new wedding trends; some of which are beautiful and certainly worth incorporating into your special day. Here are our top 5 wedding trends for a memorable event...

1) Location, Location, Location

Deciding where to get married is one of the biggest choices made by the brides and grooms about to marry. We’ve seen a movement towards more luxe, exotic, unique venues lately, and an increase in the number of outdoor ceremonies (even in the UK!). Although this type of location may not be suited to everyone's tastes, they can provide a strong setting and warm ambience to the event. Have you ever considered saying your vows amongst stingray and sharks at an aquarium, or during a quaint ceremony at a windmill? Just a thought....


2) Sentimental touches

Incorporating small influences of special places and memories throughout the wedding has probably been a longtime tradition. However, couples have been allowing these efforts to become a compelling part of their special day; such as serving wines from a visited place, to offering up culturally traditional foods, and even giving guests favours from a home county. Yorkshire Soap wedding favours are are wonderful way to incorporate your favourite British county, and can be as low as just £2.00 each!



3) Statement lighting

Artistic lighting to set the mood, such as dreamy fairy lights and lanterns have become quite the rage. Dare to go even wilder with a (or a few!) statement lighting pieces. Have a theme - don’t rely on traditional lighting alone, incorporate it by having some fun pieces dotted around your venue. An outdoor wedding? What about some woodland creature shaped lamps. Searching for something out of the ordinary? Take a look at our wonderful range of monkey lamps and much more by visiting our Imaginarium in York.


4) Metallics

A hot trend right now, and gaining more and more momentum is the use of metallics. Metallic hues have made a huge appearance at weddings and can easily be incorporated into most wedding themes. We’re finding bronzes, rose golds, and silvers in many bridesmaids dresses, table table settings, shoes, save the dates, and even cakes, among many other embellishments. These colour palettes create an added glamour to the event.


5) Variety of Entertainment

Instead on relying on only one entertainment act, brides and grooms have taken a drift to provide guests with more varied entertainment throughout their wedding. Hiring cabaret or jazz singers to serenade guests throughout cocktails, while adding ambiance at dinner has become quite popular. Then shifting to a rock dance band or DJ, or even a collaboration of the two further into the evening keeping people celebrating and dancing until the early hours (which often includes a tactical change of footwear these days!).


If you would like any more information about our Yorkshire Soap wedding favours, or would like a wedding brochure sent to you, send an email to online@yorkshiresoap.co.uk now! We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

To all of our brides and grooms, we wish you a fantastic day, a wonderful honeymoon, and fantastic memories for a lifetime.

Warren & Marcus X



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