The Micklegate Soapbox Challenge

It’s time to stop what you are doing – this Bank Holiday weekend is going to be a weekend of pure madness and it’s one for all the family! It doesn’t just mark an extra-long weekend, but it marks the day of the much-awaited 2017 Micklegate Soapbox Challenge! We're very disappointed that we've been unable to be a larger part of this event in 2017, as it's something we'd really love to do... however Bank Holiday's for us are usually very busy and our shops need all the love and attention our wonderful team can give them!

Anyhow... if you couldn’t have guessed, here at The Yorkshire Soap Company, we’re mad about all things Yorkshire, and absolutely love anything handmade! The Micklegate Soapbox Challenge speaks volumes of this, and when we saw all the commotion of last year’s soapbox challenge, we couldn’t wait to tell you all about it this year!


Last year saw the Micklegate Soapbox Challenge bring a community together and this year is no different! With 50 different businesses taking part, over the past couple of months they have each been working as a team to build their own, homemade cart. However; whether these wonderful and wacky creations work or not is a completely different story! Each team will be put to the test as they race to the finish line - but who will win this year’s trophy? Will their carts stand Micklegate’s rickety cobbles?

Ice Cream


The only way to find out is by heading on down to Micklegate, York on Monday 28th August. Not only will there be adrenaline pumping cart racing; but there will be so much other fun stuff to see and do! Food stands, children’s rides and live music with the Minster FM Stage; you’ll be spoilt for choice!

You may also be wondering why on earth this crazy yet fun family event is put on each year. Well, everyone who takes part is helping to raise money for charity, which really is the best part of it. Last year, thousands of pounds were raised for many different charities; and there was also a prize for the team that raised the most money.


So, if you’re free this bank holiday, and want something super fun to do; then make sure you take a trip out to watch the racing, and maybe even donate something yourself! All the fun and games don’t need to be over so soon though – drop by our Blake Street store just around the corner to see some of our beautiful, soapy treats and tell us all about it! 


To find out more, head over to their website at www.micklegaterun.co.uk where you can find all the information you need, and even photos and videos from 2016!

Warren and Marcus x

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