6 Spooky and Unusual Halloween Gifts


In many ways, reminiscing over the halloweens of your past can tell you a lot about your life. When you’re young, you’re happy walking the freezing streets adorned in plastic masks and devil horns for the simple reward of some cheap sweets (or money if you have posh neighbors).

You age, reach your teenage years, and Halloween becomes a night you equip yourself with eggs, loo roll and all manner of tools of suburban destruction to pelt at the houses of teachers, neighbours or complete strangers.

Then come your twenties and university years: Halloween is just another excuse to have a party and dress like a complete idiot. Come to think of it, not much has really changed since that period.

To celebrate, we collected some of the best Halloween party favours and homemade gifts, as well as some of our own spooky, soapy delights.

Be clean, serene and fabulous this Halloween – just because you’re dressed like a zombie, doesn’t mean you should smell like one!

Mummy Halloween Soap

How cute is this? Very cute. This teeny tiny mummy soap (compared to a human size mummy) is made with a spooky, sweet fragrance created using notes of sweet lemon, wholesome nutmeg and delicious vanilla.

Paper Pumpkins


This delicate paper pumpkin will delight your guests, and they are super easy and affordable to make. Simply get some orange tissue paper, green electrical tape and a big bag of sweets! Cut the orange paper into large circles, lay a handful of sweets on top then gather it all together into a pump little pumpkin. Bind the top with a strip of green tape and voila, a cute halloween treat (source OneLittleProject).

Zombie Soap

Don’t fancy a big night on the town? Get acquainted with George R Romero this halloween with a zombie film marathon this year. There’s no better way to prepare for a night surrounded by the undead than a luxurious bath or shower with our gore-splattered zombie soap cupcake. Won’t eat your brains, but will leave you skin feeling soft and refreshed.

Orange Jack O' Lanterns

Traditional pumpkin carving can be a tricky business. Subvert the tradition with these miniature versions! Simply get a bag of large oranges and some sweets of your choice (we like m&ms or skittles). Cut the top from the orange and scoop out the middle, being careful not to leave any residual stickiness, then carve a spooky face. Fill with sweets of your choice for a devishly good treat this Halloween (found on JustPutzing).

Witch Bath Truffle

Our quirky Witch Bath truffle is made using cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and natural powders to cast a moisturising spell on your bath water. Featuring a charming and adorable witch, this truffle makes a ghoulishly great party favour or present.

Marshmallow Ghost Gift Bags

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 16.41.19.png

Spooky! A treat that’s simple, sweet and cheap, create a cast of ghosts in no time using narrow, clear bags, some string, a big bag of marshmallows and a marker pen. Fill each funnel with marshmallows until plump, then gather the top, tie, and complete by drawing on a fun or frightful face.


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