Scrubbing up for the races - how to prepare!

From York to Beverley and beyond, us Yorkshiremen (and women) sure know how to celebrate the races... but how can you make sure you're on tip-top form when the time comes? Whether you’re getting suited and booted for a day in the County Stand or keeping it cool in the Course Enclosure, we have the perfect go-to-guide that will make you this year’s front-runner at the races!



...On your marks!

A day at the races can sometimes be a rollercoaster of emotions. In one moment, you may feel like the odds were anything but on your side, to the next moment, when you’re jumping for joy in disbelief that your horse actually won! Although it’s a brilliantly exciting event, a whole day on your feet can be somewhat tiring and there’s only one way to prepare for it... a luxurious, hot bath! When it comes to the perfect pre-races pampering, it all starts the night before and there is nothing more important than setting the scene with our handmade bathing treats.

The recipe to a bath time of tranquillity starts with a bottle of our bubbling Bath Foams. From there, you can choose to extend your experience with a handmade candle (tin, travel or glass)! Made from the finest of soy wax, our range of candles burn clean and leave no nasty toxins in the air. Not only that, but they’re long lasting too – perfect for that extra-long soak! Each candle has been meticulously designed to fill the room with fragrance, and you can choose from a wide variety of fruity and floral options. Releasing its exotic and juicy tones with every flicker, our Mango & Lychee candle is one of our most popular. It’s the ideal addition to an already perfect bath time and is bound to get you set for a day of excitement at the races!


...Get Set!

The day has arrived. It’s a day of Great British glamour - all the dresses, hats and suits are out on full display... and all that's left for the perfect photo finish is your hair! Don't worry, we've got you covered with our handmade Hair Care range.

Our Shampoos and Conditioners are available as individual bottles, or as 2-bottle sets where you'll enjoy a significant saving. Each type of hair care product has been created with the end result in mind, hence their names.... Nourishing, Brightening and Healing. You can even combine these options to suit your requirements (i.e. Healing Shampoo and Brightening Conditioner). Whichever you choose, we'll have you looking great!


Body Lotions



Staying and smelling fresh at the races is just as important as the look and, whether you’re a Yorkshire Lad or Lass, a true self-pampering is never complete without one of our Blend Collection Body Lotions! Packed with only the most natural ingredients, these lotions are made with a blend of sweet almond oil and luxurious fragrances that are gentle to your skin. With each generous lather, your skin will be left feeling soft and supple. Perfect.

With sophisticated tones of lemon, oud wood and bergamot, our super-masculine Yorkshire Lad Body Fuel is one of our best-selling products for men, while the floral tones of our Yorkshire Lass Body Lotion is a common favourite among our favourite female customers!


So, there you have it... if you’re going to the races this summer, then preparation is key. Arriving in style is always important and when you’re smelling beautiful too, then you’re definitely onto a winner! 


Enjoy your day, and happy pampering!

Marcus & Warren x
(owners and creators)

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