#GBBO - How baking has inspired us!

It's been over a year since The Great British Bake Off took a break from our television screens and had a complete makeover... Mary Berry (our new national treasure!) has gone and Mel and Sue are no more. From the BBC to Channel 4, the Bake Off this year is very different; albeit equally exciting!

Although we're no longer graced with Mary Berry in her snazzy jackets every week, it's very refreshing to see some new faces... and in all the excitement, whilst we get our aprons out and our utensils at the ready, we’ve managed to sit back and take a look at how British baking has helped inspire us on our 'Yorkshire Soap' journey! Please remember though - our soapy treats may look yummy, but they are certainly not to eat!



Signature Bake

Since 2004, our popular "patisserie-style" range has been a staple ingredient to our 'Yorkshire Soap' success. From experimenting with soap at home to where we are now, we have quickly become a “star baker” - perfecting our soap-making techniques in our York-based soap kitchen. Our Soap Cupcakes and Cake Slices have been with us all the way; making them, without doubt, our “signature bake”.

Handmade with super-moisturising vegetable glycerine, each Soap Cupcake and Soap Cake Slice is packed with moisturising oils and natural extracts, meaning that your skin will be left feeling loved after every use. Mouthwatering and scrumptious, our patisserie-style range is the best soapy alternative to those calorific cakes. Once again; although they may look good enough to eat, please don’t!



Cake Slices


Technical Bake

When it comes to the “technical bake”, we have worked really hard to create something that's as beautiful as it is gentle, while being kind to the skin. Making our wonderful range of hand-piped Bath Truffles requires a technique like no other - ensuring the perfect technique time-after-time to guarantee that silky smooth texture our customers know and love.

The fragrance of each of our Bath Truffles is defined by the colour of its decoration - so of course, we mustn’t forget that all important floral decoration that makes these delightful bath melts the perfect bathtime treat.




The Showstopper

Us being us, we didn’t just stop at Soap Cupcakes and Cake Slices. British baking has inspired us so much over the years, that we wanted to completely change our customer's interpretation of a Wedding Cake. We took it to the next level and made an absolutely “showstopper”...our Soap Wedding Cakes!

Through careful planning and intricate designs, our stunning Soap Wedding Cakes offer something completely different; creating a unique and spectacular feature for the special day. Each beautiful tier is made with the best ingredients we could source and can be cut down into individual soap favours for your guests. They truly add an element of magic to your day and, even if we do say so ourselves, they would certainly get a Paul Hollywood handshake - after all, what's not to love?! If you'd like to know more about our Soap Wedding Cakes, please feel free to contact us, and we'll be delighted to give you some more information and send you our beautiful Wedding Favours brochure.


Wedding Cake


It's clear that British baking has made a stamp on our 'Yorkshire Soap' journey - making our stunning Soap Cupcakes, Cake Slices and Wedding Cakes is something we've always loved and always will love. They instantly add elegance and beauty to any bathroom, filling it with luxurious fragrances that keep our customers coming back again and again.

So, if you'll be taking a ‘whisk’ and tuning into the brand new bake off - then we hope you're inspired just as much as we have been! And if you love bake off - but don’t really bake yourself - then take an easy alternative and pop into one of our stores, where our lovely team members will be happy to show you our fabulous range of 'calorie-free' patisserie-style soaps!

Thank you so much for reading,

Warren & Marcus x
(owners & creators)

#GBBO is shown on Channel 4 - Tuesday's at 8pm.


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