Our Favourite Easter Traditions

Why we love Easter at The Yorkshire Soap Company

When we first started The Yorkshire Soap Company, we always wanted our products and stores to feel like a celebration of sorts – a celebration of friends and family, affordable indulgencies, relaxation and fun, and, of course, a celebration of the holidays and festivals that span the year.

So with spring definitely in the air (if you ignore the cold!), we’re starting to get very excited about the year’s first annual holiday since Christmas and New Year: Easter! As the sun starts to show its face against blue skies above, the birds start chirping from the branches about to bud, and flowers start to blossom, we felt compelled to share our favourite things about Easter...


Egg-cellent Easter traditions (sorry!)

1) Lent – one of the best things about Easter is that it gives us the opportunity to enjoy the things we gave up for Lent! Lent is a great second chance if you failed in your quest for a healthier lifestyle in the New Year, but by golly, it’s great when you can dive back into the calories! Although of course if you’re planning on carry your low-calorie challenge beyond Easter, you can still indulge in a cupcake – just choose one of our handmade cupcake soaps, but remember not to eat it!

2) Church visits – granted, not for everyone, but Easter is a religious festival, so we think it’s nice to head down to your local church and celebrate in the traditional way if you’ve got time. 

3) Easter weekend – we’re still generally busy cooking up new soap recipes over Easter weekend, but we also try to catch up with family and friends too. After all, with not one but TWO bank holidays – Good Friday and Easter Monday – our weekend is instantly doubled! So we also try to get out and about, checking out some of the great things our fair county of Yorkshire has to offer.

4) Exchanging eggs – we both love chocolate (but I’m not going to disclose how much Warren can scoff in a sitting!), and by far the best bit of Easter is the excuse to eat it in abundance! Giving and receiving treats is one of the sweetest traditions of the holiday (in both respects!) – but if you’ve got a calorie-conscious recipient in mind, don’t despair, as we have a lovely range of soap Easter eggs, soapy bunnies and Easter-themed cleansing cupcakes you could gift them instead.

5) Local events – our first shop was opened in Hebden Bridge, one of our favourite pockets of Yorkshire, and we still love getting involved in local events there – but the very best of all is the annual Easter duck race! No matter how busy we are, we always make time for this! And big thanks must go to the organisers at Hebden Bridge Rotary Club – this year, proceeds will go towards helping victims of the terrible floods that hit the town on Boxing Day (something that is of course very important to us).


We’re going on an egg hunt...

We’ve always loved designing seasonal handmade soaps – our luxurious treats were originally inspired by the desire to create special gifts for our family and friends, so we fully embrace any reason to come up with some gorgeous new ideas!

Our stores are always buzzing at Easter time – we’ll be doing our best to call in over the Easter weekend to soak up some of the wonderful atmosphere our customers and staff create.

Oh, and if you follow us on social media, look out for our Easter Egg Hunt that's coming soon... all you need to do is spot the Yorkshire location where we’ve photographed our soap Easter eggs - follow us on Facebook and Twitter for your chance to win one of your own!

Thanks for reading, and happy Easter!

Marcus and Warren x

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