Super Birthday Buying Gift Guide

We love birthdays. I mean, we really love them. You know those people who plan 4-5 different events for a birthday every year? Those people who stretch the celebrations of their birth well over a week? That’s us.

The only thing we love more than our own birthday are the birthdays of our nearest and dearest. We love the expression of a friend who loves the present we’ve chosen for them. But what to buy?

Getting the right present can be a minefield – will they like that jumper? Do they already own that record? Are they allergic to chocolate? Argh! It’s all too much. But fear not, we’re prepared a Super Birthday Buying Gift Guide (try saying that quickly) so you’ll know what to get for who – and why.

The House Proud Prince/Princess



You know the one – every room always immaculately clean, constantly talking about the latest decorative ornament they’ve had elegantly fitted in their massive front room. This is the person you ask when you need to know the name of a good plumber, painter or interior decorator, because they’ve used everyone in a fifty mile radius. Only the best can grace the rooms of their castle (or two bed semi), so get them an opulent Cashmere and Cocoa Glass Candle to fill their home with a sophisticated, inviting fragrance.


The Night Owl



You’ve lost count of how many rowdy nights and late night kebabs you’ve enjoyed with this person. They’re always the first on the dancefloor, the first to get a round in and the last to stumble home. Get some a shower gel that will make sure they’re feeling tip top for the next night of debauchery with a Yorkshire Lad or Yorkshire Lass Shower Gel.


The Stressed Sue



There’s always one person in your life who’s constantly getting into a tizzy about something. They wear themselves out worrying about life, relationships, work, friendships – everything! Treat them to a luxurious night off to wash away their troubles with a double whammy of Relaxing Bath Salt – made using the mineral packed salt from the dead sea – and a hand-pressed Relaxing Bath Bomb. Ahhh, that’s better.


The Morning Person



Some people bounce of bed and spend the entire morning pottering around sorting things out for the day ahead, doing all manner of useful things, even exercising, while we’re still in bed. If one of your friends never needs to set an alarm, why not get them an Invigorating Shower Gel. Perfect for a zesty morning showers that will add some excitement to their morning routine.


The Person Who Has Everything


‘I just don’t need anything’ ‘Don’t buy my anything this year’ ‘I have anything I need’ – sound familiar? There’s always one who never needs or wants anything on their birthday, even though you’re keen to show them how much you care. Get them a Botanical Soap Gift Box and select five different fragrances that you know they’ll love for a gift they didn’t know they wanted.

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