What are the benefits of a morning shower?

Here at The Yorkshire Soap Company, we love bringing the theatrics and spectacle of life to our shops and customers. So, getting our new Beverley shop set up and in place, we’ve been starting our days quite early! Although it’s sometimes tough to roll ourselves out of bed early in the AM, there are many advantages to jumping in the shower first-thing, and making sure our routine is top notch!

5 benefits of a morning shower session


1) Helps to wake you up (in a good way!)

Waking up and jumping in the shower straight away is a routine many people swear by. For others, it’s one more thing on the morning to-do list. Did you know, however, that getting yourself into the shower helps your groggy self to wake up and feel rejuvenated; and more happy and hopeful for the day? Giving yourself the chance to wake in a relaxing, warm shower helps get you into a positive mindset, and that’s exactly what you’ll need no matter what your day involves!


2) Time to think about your day

The routines we all go through in the shower are done so often that they become mindless habits. This lets us thoroughly think about what we have to do and gives us a chance to plan our day in an orderly fashion. Sort of a mental diary look-over and checklist. Use this time to go over meetings and presentations you have, or to plan out your schedule and meals for the day.

These shower or bathing sessions also help us to be more creative with our problem-solving. They act as what is known in psychology as an ‘incubation period’ for creativity; meaning they give our unconscious minds a chance to come up with more innovative ideas and methods to answer problems we might be struggling with. A perfect reason, especially for all those in creative domains, to wake up earlier and get sudsy. Sometimes our best ideas and inspirations come to us at the strangest of times! For example, take a peek at our original Soap Cupcakes and Fish in a Bag soap


3) Great for your skin

Everyone loves to have dewy, glowing skin. A morning shower can help to give you just that - washing away the build-up sitting on your skin and in your pores from the night before. This is especially helpful for anyone having oily skin, or those who tend to sweat throughout the night. Also, using natural products free from harsh chemicals and parabens (such as our own range of Shower Gels) keeps skin extremely healthy.

A morning shower is advantageous for those of you who tend to accidentally cut yourselves when shaving too. The body has an increase of blood clotting platelets in the morning, causing less bleeding when you do accidentally catch the razor!


4) Manageable hair

Have you ever woken up with bedhead from sleeping on wet hair? If you have, you will now know it’s much easier to tame and style your hair when it’s wet or in the process of drying. Styling your freshly washed hair and making you feel confident to take on the day is just another reason for a morning shower. Try our Nourishing Set of Shampoo and Conditioner; made with honey & coconut for lovely, hydrated tresses.


5) Improves blood circulation & reduces muscle and joint tension

The lovely, relaxing warm water of a shower in the morning helps loosen muscle and joint tension. This is great relief for those of you who suffer from stiff shoulders and necks when you wake up. Although a warm shower will not rid you of these problems, the increased blood circulation that it does provide encourages healing and decreased inflammation, therefore easing pain. An added helper for those sore muscles is Peppermint oil, which helps relieve soreness and acts as a skin coolant. If you’re looking for the ideal product, our No 2 Peppermint Cream shower gel, and body lotion can help get your day started!


If you’re feeling a bit more daring than a typical morning shower, it’s also said that finishing your shower under cold-water has increased benefits too! 

- It helps to increase your metabolic rate of brown fat, helping to burn more calories!

- Increases your alertness levels throughout the day

- Works as a psychostimulant, like coffee, boosting energy levels and happiness… although we’ll still take that cup as an extra lift! 


Our recommendation for an effective early morning shower includes citrus scents to feel energised, refreshed and ready for the day ahead, such as our Blend Collection No6 - Invigorating (lemongrass, rosemary, grapefruit), and Blend Collection No7 - Mandarella (lime, lemon, basil, mandarin orange).


Thank you so much for reading,
Warren & Marcus x


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