Behind the soapy scenes - Rose bud rounds!

rosebud round

Each and every one of our products at The Yorkshire Soap Company have a very special meaning behind them. Each Soap Cupcake, Glycerine BarBath Truffle and so on, has been made with luxury in mind. That said, however, a treat that provides the ultimate luxury feel (and more!), is our stunning Yorkshire Rose Bud Artisan Soap Round

Made with the essence of an English garden in mind, our Rosebud Rounds were the first soaps that we ever created, and still (to this day) remain a popular treat - over 13 years later. Considering its popularity, we wanted to talk about our beautiful Rose Bud Soap Rounds in a little more depth, to show you exactly how important these gorgeous little treats are to us, and a little more about how we make them!



Creating The Base

Made from the finest vegetable glycerine that we could source, each elegant soap round is delicately crafted and set into its own individual base. The beautiful, silky mixture that makes the ever-so moisturising soap, is infused with scents of Rose and Geranium, reminding you of a fresh bouquet of flowers. Whilst each soap slowly sets into its well-renowned pink shape, our wonderful soap makers begin the intricate process of decorating the Soap Round.



With our Artisan Soap Range, looks are very important! Made with extra care, each Rose Bud Round that our fabulous customers purchase has been gently decorated with the most beautiful, fresh botanicals. Made by hand, our soap makers choose only the best rose buds when decorating these wonderful soapy treats. Whilst the soap is still warm, each rose bud is pushed into the top of the soap and as it finally sets into its final shape, its ornate and elegant qualities begin to show. Around 20 individual rose buds are used on each Rose Bud Round! Although this may sometimes be the most time consuming part of the making process, there is nothing better than seeing them standing tall and proud in store!

 close up


Presentation is Key

Once we've completed the process of intricately flowering each soap round, there is just one remaining process for these gorgeous little soaps. Each round is finished by being wrapped in our lovely crest paper which has been cut to size and secured with one our beautiful YSC crest stickers. Last but not least, and for that final touch, each Rose Bud Round is decorated with a high quality rope, and a cute little ‘made with love’ charm - which it certainly is!

 Side view




Once the last charm is tied, the making process for these wonderful treats is just about over. We then send them off on their own little journeys to each of our stores and, eventually, to your wonderful homes! Of course, in their beautiful handbag gift boxes, tied with a matching ribbon and gift tag, they're absolutely perfect for gift-giving!

As you can tell, making our Rose Bud Rounds is a very intricate and delicate process. You can truly see the time and effort that goes into each one and this is something we truly value as a proud maker of handmade soap treats. That is something that will never change - we don't need machines!

You can see just how gorgeous these handmade, artisan soaps are in one of our brilliant stores where one of our lovely team will be happy to help and maybe even show you the rest of our wonderful Artisan Soap Range!


Rosebud Round In Store 

Just incase you're wondering - our Artisan Rosebud Soap Rounds are also available for online purchase by clicking here

We hope you found this article interesting, and we hope to see you very soon!


Happy Shopping!

Marcus & Warren (owners) x


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