Behind the Soapy Scenes - Glycerine Bars!

With over 40 different fragrances to choose from (plus our seasonal variations), our customers are certainly spoilt for choice with our super-moisturising handmade Glycerine Soap Bars. The character of these soap bars, however, is defined by the journey they take when they're lovingly made in our soap kitchen in York, North Yorkshire.

Based on the popularity of our 'Inca Gold' Glycerine Soap Bar featured in last weeks blog; we decided to dive in deeper and feature this gorgeous glycerine soap bar in this weeks blog too!




When we first began making our glycerine bars, we wanted something that would change the way you view the “everyday” soap bar. We wanted to create a soap bar that was not only affordable, but indulgent too - adding elegance to your normal day-to-day routine. With precise planning and delicate designs, our luxurious range of glycerine soap bars were soon born - and dry, tired skin became a thing of the past! Before we knew it, these little gems became one of our top-sellers (a position they retain to this very day)!


Handmade to perfection


Using the finest vegetable glycerine and essential-oil based fragrances, our glycerine soaps are delicately made in full loaves as you'll see above (aren't they wonderful?). Each bar is then delicately cut by hand into 13 individual slices; but before cutting of course, there is just enough time for one more important ingredient...


Sprinkled with love

Dependant on the fragrance and whilst the glycerine is still hot, each loaf is individually finished with a range of beautiful (and often unique) toppings! From fresh botanicals to colourful glitter (and more), each bar is vastly different from the rest in the range. When the glycerine finally sets, it’s luxurious and unique qualities begin to show - this is when we welcome it to our YSC family!

All wrapped up...


After each loaf has been gently sliced into individual bars, there is just one part of the journey remaining before the soap is sent to our beautiful shops - ready for collection by our wonderful customers.

Every single bar that we cut (which you can imagine is a significant amount during busy periods), is then carefully packaged in a clear cellophane wrap. Once labelled with a custom designed ingredients and directions label to match the bar itself, all the preparation is done. The glycerine bar is made.



Fun Facts!

How many bars do we make in a week?

A lot! During seasonal periods and especially Christmas time, making glycerine is a constant process. With the addition of our wonderful Christmas variations, our glycerine bars sell faster than we can make them! It really is a crazy time, but the atmosphere in our soap kitchen and our shops is magical!


What is our most unusual fragrance?

One of our most interesting and bizarre glycerine bars may be our Library bar. With the essences of tobacco, leather and oak moss, this soap bar is nothing like the rest. Made for its calming properties, this soap bar is as moisturising as it is peculiar.


What is our most popular fragrance?

When it comes to best-selling fragrances, we really do have many! Our Night Night Sweetheart glycerine bar continuously proves to be a firm favourite! With the fruity scents of pomegranate, Japanese plum and pear, this is a soap bar of pure decadence. The Yorkshire Lad and Yorkshire Lass bars are of equal popularity, and make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.



As you can tell, making our glycerine bars is something we're very proud of. The care and love that goes into every bar will never diminish - and therefore we will always maintain the same high standard you expect from us. That's a promise.

Each stunning glycerine soap bar is available to purchase as a single item, or in a hand-tied Gift Box of 5 bars (for those who have trouble deciding)! 

If you're still not quite sure, visit one of our beautiful stores where someone would be delighted to show you our wonderful range of glycerine bars. If you can’t wait, then each bar is available here on our website!

Here's how our glycerine soap bars are presented in our stores, with their corresponding "Scent Pot" so you can smell before you buy:

So what are you waiting for?

Happy shopping, 

Warren & Marcus (owners) x


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