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Transform your shower into a resplendent wonderland with our invigorating shower gels, made with essential oil based fragrances and the best ingredients we could find.

Luxury shower gels, made with the finest ingredients we could find.

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Luxury shower gels, Made with the finest ingredients we could find.

These beautiful handmade shower gels are part of our signature Blend Collection with beautiful natural ingredients, blended with our fantastic Yorkshire Soap fragrances. The perfect cleansing way to start your day!

Soothe and nourish sensitive skin with our Peppermint Cream, Relaxing and Invigorating scents. Blended with pure essential oils and no additives for gentle fragrance.

Our Shower Gels are also available as part of our bath and body gift sets. The gift sets consist of a Shower Gel, Bath Foam and a Body Lotion, and they’re presented in a beautiful gift box.

Happy pampering x