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Laboratory Perfumes

A hand curated selection of our favourite Eau De Toilette perfumes from one of our most loved brands - Laboratory Perfumes. We only stock the best.

Luxurious Unisex EDT Perfumes - designed to adapt to differing skin types.

Gorse Gorse
Eau de Toilette Perfume
in stock

In Stock

Luxurious Unisex EDT Perfumes - designed to adapt to differing skin types.

We at The Yorkshire Soap Company have worked with the wonderful Laboratory Perfumes for many years. They’re an inspiring company who continue to better themselves each and every day, and remain a highly trusted supplier of the finest quality EDT perfumes and candles.

What we love most about these luxurious perfumes is that they’re specifically designed to adapt to the wearers skin type and temperature - meaning the fragrance may be entirely different from person to person; for unique results.

Available in a small range of well-refined fragrances and presented in a beautifully designed cardboard outer, these Eau de Toilette perfumes come highly recommended by us here at YSC. They may not be the cheapest, but they’re a premium quality product and sure do last a long time!

Helpful tip: before you make an investment, please do try our affordable tester set containing all fragrances. This will help you identify your favourite.

Happy shopping! x